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From time to time things can go wrong and if they do Cool Cube Construction provides a call out service dedicated to keeping you up and running. Available throughout New Zealand and throughout the year, our team are always no more than a phone call away. We are also able to provide regular pro-active preventative maintenance programs to suit your service level requirements.

If you are in need of an emergency cold room solution, either due to a breakdown, capacity limit or any other reason then give us a call on 027 399 6616 today.

Maintenance Tips

1. Keep surfaces clean. Soap and water are the best methods; harsh chemicals may harm the metal surfaces. Sweep or mop surrounding floors and keep free of debris. Make sure to clean up any spills immediately to prevent dangerous freezing.

2. Inspect door seals and door hinges quarterly. Make sure hinges are lubricated quarterly and that seals are closing properly. Do not prop the door open for extended periods and make sure that the door is always closed (except when entering or exiting of course).

3. Monitor temperatures often. Fluctuations can be an indicator that something is not working properly.

4. Talk to us about setting up a scheduled maintenance programme. Scheduling routine upkeep will ensure that your equipment is working as it should be. By doing this, our team can look out for signs of wear and tear before it becomes an issue. Early detection could make a huge difference and prevent costly emergency situations.

Maintained walk-in chillers and freezers function better when regularly maintained and in turn, means less money spent on bills.

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